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2016 Update For All of You!


It’s been a while since I last wrote but as I know some of you are wondering what I am up to I thought I better give you an update on what I’ve been doing.

Firstly, as some of you will have seen, it’s true I have a cameo role in Zoolander 2! Which is finally out in cinemas. 
Last April I flew to Rome for a days shooting and had an absolute blast. Ben Stiller was wonderful to work with and he guided me through exactly what was required! We were all sworn to secrecy when I filmed my cameo and I’m pleased that it managed to remain so until the premieres started to happen! Mission accomplished!

2015, was a year where I could take a little me time and spend time at home with family and friends. The seventh album was put on pause so I decided to take advantage of the rest time and only did a few shows. I was lucky enough to fly to South Africa and also to Tel Aviv and perform for Google. I still get a real joy from travelling to new countries and getting to experience the culture, regardless of how long or short the trip is- I always find time to see the sights! 

Whilst there were many happy moments in 2015, the lowest was losing my sister Bridie so unexpectedly and this really hit all of our family hard, especially her daughter and my niece, Joanne. 
Bridie, was an amazing sister and a real rock. She was honest and helped me throughout my life and during my career. She wasn’t afraid to tell me I was getting too big for my boots! I miss her everyday and we as a family have needed this quiet time to grieve in peace.

2016, well I’m back! We’re working on album 7 and I’ll be going back into the recording studio to record tracks for this, the plan being that it will be released later this year. There will be some more live performances (watch this space for announcements) and I will continue to enjoy the career I always dreamed of! 

As and when I can I will of course update you all with information. I know many of you would love to know everything but I like to give you all a few surprises along the way!

Hope you are all having a wonderful 2016 so far, can’t believe we are almost at the end of February already! Time is flying by.

Will be in touch soon, I promise.
Susan x