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Dreams don’t expire – A new blog from Susan

Hello everyone, Spring is almost here – thankfully. I have seen more snow in Scotland than almost any other year I can remember. And what a year it is turning out to be! Last year I thought the most exciting thing that could have happened to me would have been to make an album. And that still ranks as one of my best experiences ever. What I didn’t know then was where that album would take me. I have been to Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Monaco. And I have been to America and Japan. In each of these places I have been fortunate enough to have performed in front of some wonderful audiences in some brilliant venues. The Tivoli Gardens in Denmark was amazing and performing in New York in Rockefeller Plaza for the launch of the album was an experience I will never forget. Most importantly, it is the people I have met along the way that have made this such a great experience. I was lucky to have enjoyed tea with two ladies in Chicago who had followed my story from the start. And the fans who presented me with the beautiful quilt in New York will never be forgotten. I gave the quilt they made for Pebbles to the lady who is taking care of her and she tells me that Pebbles sleeps on it every night at the bottom of her bed! It is also the letters I receive from people that mean so much. I wish I could respond to every one of them but I do get so many that it is nigh on impossible. I have a huge mound of letters at home in Blackburn and there are some very special things there that have been sent to me – some of the artwork in particular is very accomplished. My mother took up art in her 70s and I know how much effort goes into your paintings and drawings. If I don’t reply to you personally please accept my sincerest thanks now for all your support and good wishes. My travels will continue almost up until I begin making my next album. I say bring it on! I said recently in an interview that dreams do not have an expiry date – and I am thrilled to still be living mine. Here’s wishing all your dreams come true too. Susan x