Susan Boyle

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Sanremo - Italy

16th February 2010

Susan has just stepped off the stage at Sanremo to a standing ovation! She sang her signature song, ‘I Dreamed A Dream,’ at the 60th anniversary of the renowned Italian festival.

During her rehearsal this afternoon, Susan received an ovation from the orchestra as well as the attendant festival staff. One onlooker called Bruno commented, “We have been waiting so long for Susan to come to Italy. She does not disappoint. She is a very special lady, an inspiration.”

After rehearsal, Susan took some time back at the Royal Hotel on the sea front to rest, eat dinner and have her hair and makeup done. She changed into her black sparkly gown and jumped into the waiting car and sped to the Teatro Ariston which hosts the festival each year.

Dressing room details: a small room to the side of the stage. The rider: some ham sandwiches, some paste - sweet cakes, coffee, tea, and water.

Susan took to stage at 22.25. After the rendition of ‘Dream’ the host asked Susan a few questions, namely how it felt to be in Italy and how it was to live her dream. It was her answer to this last question which raised the roof. In essence she answered that dreams have no expiry date and she just wanted her dream to continue. She was then presented with a bouquet of flowers before leaving the stage.

She is now on her way to a secret hotel in Monte Carlo with a bunch of flowers, a bottle of water and high spirits!

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