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Latest Update from Susan

Hello Everyone, I would just like to say that I have had a very exciting few months and thought I would update you on some of the highlights. I have now finished recording my album which is called 'I Dreamed A Dream', it has been such a wonderful journey. The album is, in many ways, autobiographical. Some of the songs I chose because they had been favourites that I have sung for many years, some of them are more unusual ones which have really come to mean something to me. I do hope that you enjoy it. One of the songs, I suppose you would call it a signature tune, 'Wild Horses', has had a great reception and was first played on the radio by Terry Wogan! I have his autobiography at home and it seems very strange that he is now playing my record. In September, I travelled to America for my first trip abroad. I had been abroad once before – to Lourdes – but it was nothing like this long trip across the Atlantic. Everyone treated me so well that I was humbled. I met some wonderful people who were very kind and gave me words of great encouragement. Thank you especially to all of those who made the journey to the television studios to watch my performance on America’s Got Talent. Your warm applause and encouragement helped me through my nerves. Sharon Osborne was very kind and came to my dressing room to wish me luck and I was very honoured to meet David Hasslehoff and it was great to see Piersy Baby again! I went to Disneyland and went on Splash Mountain which was fantastic! I also achieved one of my personal ambitions which was to see the stars on the pavement in Hollywood. I returned to England tired but feeling that I had taken a big step. I am looking forward to more foreign travel and to being able to meet some of the people who have given me support both in the British Isles and abroad. Thank you, as always, for your support and for being there for me. God Bless. Susan Boyle