Happy Birthday Susan Boyle!

Join us in celebrating Susan’s birthday…

April 1 only means one thing – our beloved Susan’s birthday. Join us in wishing her a happy birthday and many successes over the next twelve months.

A Message from Susan

Hello, Well, it’’s been a busy few weeks and I apologise for not writing an update sooner, but the saying time flies when you’re having fun is rather apt in my life at the moment! I’‘m still doing the occasional guest appearance in the musical, which has been great. I … Read More

A Message From Down Under.

Today has been a thoroughly brilliant day. It started with lunch at the famous Bondi Beach at a restaurant called Icebergs, which had the most beautiful view of the beach and the ocean with family. Then it was off to the 'Wildlife Sydney', where I met with the local wildlife. … Read More

A Message From Susan

Hello. As the album launch gets nearer I’m beginning to get more excited and also a little nervous! Months and months of hard work by my fantastic team and myself will finally come to fruition in just over a week and my biggest hope is that everyone enjoys this album … Read More

A Message From Susan

I had a wonderful time at Strictly Come Dancing, being at the show was so exciting and one that I had wanted to be a part of for a long time. From the costumes to the dancing, it has an air of old school glamour. I’ve never seen so many … Read More

A new message from Susan.

This week has been very enjoyable at home in Scotland. I was happy to finally tell you all about the music on my new album, keeping it secret was hard as I'm so very proud of the songs. Also, you will have now seen the new album cover. This was … Read More

A letter from Susan

Susan’s song choices were inspired by the life stories and inner most thoughts from people who wrote letters to her from around the globe. Susan writes an open letter to her fans thanking you for all the support.