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Susan’s Search Winner Announced!

13th August 2010

Today, Susan announces the winner of ‘Susan’s Search” – the global competition to give someone the opportunity to duet on her forthcoming album, ‘The Gift.’

From thousands of entries Susan chose American medic Amber Stassi to fly to London later this month and join her in the recording studio. Susan called Amber personally yesterday (Thursday) evening, from her home in Blackburn, Scotland to break the news and congratulate her.

Amber Stassi, 33, is from Brewerton, New York. On hearing that she had won, the overwhelmed mother of three said, “I can’t believe I just spoke to Susan Boyle - never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win this competition! To receive this gift from Susan is truly a blessing and if I can pass this gift on to someone else who needs it like I did, that would be perfect. We have had some hard times. If my father was here now he would be so proud - I know he’s here in spirit, but this is a chance to give my kids a good memory and maybe a chance at a better life. I can’t believe I spoke with Susan - and that Susan and even Simon Cowell has seen my audition! This is crazy!!”

Amber Stassi will now embark on the journey of a lifetime - first stop, London to meet with Susan and her producer, Steve Mac.

“Susan’s Search” was one of YouTube’s most successful competitions ever and received one entry every six minutes after its launch.

Susan said, ” I never thought so many people would want to take part in this and I want to thank everyone.  It was very hard to choose a winner as there are so many talented singers around the world. Amber really stood out for me, though. I enjoyed her audition clip very much - she has a lovely, very beautiful voice.”