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Susan Boyle ‘Standing Ovation’ Track by Track interview

21st November 2012

Read Susan’s track by track interview about her album ‘Standing Ovation’ which is out now.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
It’s best known from the film Wizard of Oz. It’s a very nostalgic song. I felt it was quite a romantic song, wishing you were someone else. It relates to my life because for years I wished I was living a different life. That I could escape the life I was living. It didn’t happen overnight and I had to work hard to make the changes but change it I did. All dreams can come true if you really want them to. My dream of singing professionally came true so it resonates with my life.

The Winner Takes It All
This song was made famous by Abba. It’s actually a very sad song and talks about abandonment. There were times in my life where I thought people had abandoned me, some did by not by choice but because of nature. The last few years this has turned on it’s head and I feel like a winner, so the winner takes it all!

Send In The Clowns
This is a haunting song, chilling. I found it quite a reflective piece. I felt like I’d entered another world when I was performing it. There’s something so eerie about this song to me. I can’t express it in words but at the same time it is emotive and I’m glad it made it on to the album.

Music Of The Night featuring Michael Crawford
This song is from Phantom of the opera, I fell under the spell of this song when I was performing it. It’s magical. Doing a duet with Michael was wonderful. I’m so glad he sung on the album. This was his song and I felt rather honoured to be singing with him on this track. We didn’t perform in the studio together, we both lay our parts down separately. I was a little disappointed but schedules don’t always work together well especially with someone as busy as Mr Crawford. I hope to meet him soon though.

Bring Him Home
This is a very powerful piece from Les Mis. It’s about a father wanting his son to come home unscathed and unharmed. There’s a lot of parents who would say that about their kids nowadays but in a totally different social setting to the one that was originally written about for Les Mis. I think that is part of the beauty of this song. It transcends the generations. Bring Him Home is personal to me. It’s one I enjoyed singing this song and pleased it made it to the final track list on the album.

Memory from Cats. This is a great song, from a wonderful musical. Recording this song was challenging it took me back three years to performing with Elaine. I enjoyed singing it, there’s not much more I can say about it.

As Long As He Needs Me
Ahh this one is from the musical Oliver. This speaks for itself really- as long as anybody needs me I’ll be busy recording albums and hopefully making people happy with my music! It’s another track I enjoyed working on.

All I Ask Of You featuring Donny Osmond
This song was a real challenge because I recorded it with him in London on the first day we worked together. I was so nervous that he would think I wasn’t good enough or regret his decision to duet that I was really nervous. I thought I’d fluff my lines or have a total mind blank. It’s nerve wracking enough for anyone who meets there idol not to go completely mute and shy but having to work and sing I just kept thinking ‘please Susan, don’t mess this up’. I put a lot of extra pressure on myself but I also think it helped me to concentrate. I never thought for a second I’d be singing with someone I’d admired since my teens. Being with him in the studio was actually great fun and we had a great laugh. Good chemistry, he’s wonderful to work with and has a wicked sense of humour.

Out Here On My Own
Well this is the song that is so apt for my old life. I was totally out on my own. Very few friends, taunted and bullied at school. Cigarettes stubbed out on my arms. This is the theme tune to my childhood! It was a hard song. It brought back a lot of memories but it was also very cathartic and helped me realise that I have achieved so much in a short space of time and it’s time to move on and let those scars from childhood heal. I’ve forgiven the people who tormented me. They still live around and about Blackburn and it’s not healthy to hold grudges now is it.

You’ll Never Walk Alone
This is a great song for the album, not only because I love it but because it’s the anthem for my favourite football club Celtics. I was lucky enough to perform this is in the summer to 60,000 people in the stadium. No one at that point knew that it was going to be on the album bar my team so it was extra special for me. At least this ensures that the album will be a Celtics favourite… Who knows they could pop it into the gift shop! Kidding of course….

This Is The Moment featuring Donny Osmond
This song found its way on to the album after Donny’s wife suggested we perform this together. We had a real giggle performing this in the studio. As I said before it was great working with Donny, a real honour and by the time we got round to recording this in the studio I was less nervous and enjoying myself immensely.