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Welcome Message from Susan

This is exciting as this is my first time on the Internet. And this is on top of what has so far been a very exciting year. The first thing I would like to do is to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their support, I have received so many cards and letters and mementos, I always treasure them and I am always touched. I feel very humble and hope that I can make you happy. Many of your letters were asking after my health so I would like to assure everyone that I am happy and well and I am really enjoying my journey so far. People have asked me whether I sometimes wished that I had not left Blackburn and had kept my life simple – and my resounding answer is a definite NO! I return to Blackburn whenever I can as I have good friends and family there and it is the backbone of my life. I also enjoy my time in London and the work I am doing there. I say work but it never feels like work, how can having your photograph taken wearing lovely clothes possibly be work? I have to keep pinching myself. I am in the studio now working on my album, on the first day that I went into the studio I thought, “Susan, what have you got yourself into! I want my mum!”. But every day there has been a pleasure – it is so liberating to be able to sing and to be able to see some of my dreams coming true. Everyday I say the same thing to myself, 'Baby steps', and that’s what I am taking. I never look too far ahead because most of the time I still don’t truly believe this is happening to me! So I will hopefully have taken a few more of my baby steps the next time I send a message, which I hope you will find interesting. I send you all my best wishes and sincerest thanks for all your kindness and support, it has meant so much to me. Susan Boyle